codepage will perform the new composition Surface Tension II at the International Conference on Live Coding in Madrid (ES) on January 17th 2019 at Nave de Terneras.

“The live coding performance Surface Tension II takes its departure point in the artists own field recorded samples of water. The project began during an artist residency in Northern Finland in the Spring of 2018 for the Art Ii Biennial, where it was performed as an electro acoustic concert. The piece is developed as a concept which for ICLC will be translated into a live coding performance based on uniquely recorded sounds, here turned into samples and used in TidalCycles. The composition will be created through analyzing different material aspects of water, both concretely and conceptually. In the performance the recorded sounds of water will be used as prime sound source and vital instrumentation. Through the use of a multi-channel set-up the live coding performance wishes to create an immersive and dynamic listening experience and in this way create sonic as well as environmental awareness. Surface Tension II has never been performed as a live coding piece before and will be premiered in this form at ICLC19.”

The full schedule of the conference and concerts can be found here on the ICLC website: